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» DGAM Certification in Germany
By The Energy Extension Inc. | Published 07/7/2004 | EEI Noticeboard |
In Germany, EMF practitioners are now eligible for certification by DGAM - a government sanctioned organisation that provides education on German law as it applies to alternative healthcare workers.
» The Indigo Children - The Evolution of Humanity
By Ryan Maluski Malagara | Published 12/31/1999 | Indigo Children |
I am an Indigo forerunner. What this means is that I was one of the first Indigos on the planet. Pure Indigos started coming in, in the early 1970's So what is Indigo? When a person who can "read" or see energy fields looks at an Indigo, they would see that the primary color of this person's energy is composed of the color indigo...
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