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The Little Book on EMF

My personal journey through the EMF Balancing Technique®
by Lina Esposito

The Little Book on EMF - Cover

This book takes you on a journey with Lina as she begins to unlock her true potentials and discover self-empowerment. Using the EMF Balancing Technique® Lina gracefully resolves both personal and family issues. Read how she integrates the energy into every aspect of her daily life, and follow Lina as she builds a successful energy work practice using the principles and tools of the technique.

EMF Balancing Technique® is taught and practiced in 58 countries around the world – a system of energy work for these new times we live in. Whether you are already an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner or teacher, or new to energy work, this book will provide you with usable practical wisdom for living and working in this new energy.

In 1999 Lina Esposito experienced a profound spiritual awakening during which she became aware of the world of energy. This prompted her to begin a search for personal transformation and self-fulfillment. A series of remarkable synchronicities led her to the EMF Balancing Technique®, a new system of energy work developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. Since then Lina has devoted herself to this technique, becoming first a practitioner and then a teacher.

“Lina shares her heart in this little book in a big way. I hope you will take the time to feel the heart and the support behind the story.”

Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Author and Originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®

Foreword by Peggy Phoenix Dubro

When I first met Lina Esposito, I was impressed by her very presence and potential. It has been a joy watching Lina grow into the confident young woman she is now. I have great memories of the time we co-taught an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner training in London, England. Working together, along with her partner Michael, I had a beautiful experience with two caring individuals giving of themselves in a joyful and open manner. We worked together in such harmony; a demonstration of what is possible when there is true peace-filled empowerment.

I am honored to be part of Lina’s life and her journey. To dare to become what you know is possible always takes persistent acts of courage. It is always meaningful to have those who support you in this process of persistence. Of course, in the interacting energy of the figure eight, she is also part of my process of becoming! Lina shares her heart in this little book in a big way. I hope you will take the time to feel the heart and the support behind the story.

One of the messages of the EMF Balancing Technique is to encourage one another to experience and demonstrate a greater and greater sense of wholeness. This message, when spoken in the language of energy means, “I believe in you and your wholeness, your wholiness!” This energetic message speaks to the very core of an individual and the results of this experience can be profound and life changing. Human to human, we energetically support one another in the co-creation of our most enlightened life.

As mentioned earlier, it has been a pleasure watching Lina grow into who she is now – mother, teacher, and author, sharing her experience and encouraging others to grow also. I look forward to watching her continue to shape and define her potentials according to her ever increasing wisdom!

In the energy of love,
And as always,
Peace filled empowerment,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro


In early 1999 I was suddenly overwhelmed by a powerful urge to get out of the depressing and unfulfilling rut I had been stuck in for many years. I began a conscious search for personal transformation and self-fulfillment which led me to the EMF Balancing Technique®. I was deeply unhappy when I began, yet now I have inner peace, self-empowerment and direction in my life. I was a spiritual novice when I began, yet now I have a good understanding of how to achieve spiritual fulfillment. This book is about my journey – where I began, the routes I took and my final destination.

My wish is that my story will show you that you can transform your life and become the person you would like to be. No matter who you are or where you start from, you are not stuck, you can take control, you are free. Change is possible and it doesn’t have to involve suffering. This idea was completely new to me and very exciting when I began my journey and I now know from personal experience that it is indeed true. Right now we are living in extraordinary times when personal transformation can be faster and more graceful than ever before.

My biggest enjoyment has been discovering and working with the new energy, watching it in action with hundreds of clients and students as well as in my own life. The new energy is one of co-operation – competition no longer works – and one of pure intent: things happen quickly for us if what we desire is for the collective good as well as our own. It also involves a very respectful and non-invasive way of interacting with others, empowering them and honoring who they are rather than seeking to change them.

Using this technique over the past five years has helped me evolve into a conscious person – I am conscious of my words, emotions, thoughts and actions and the effect they have on myself and others around me. Of course, it means that I have to constantly be aware of this, and take responsibility for everything, which is a very different kind of life for me, but one I enjoy as it is very empowering.

2004 finds me at home, a full-time mother to Theo, my one year old son. I used the technique to release fear, balance my hormones and relieve stress during my pregnancy with wonderful results and I continue to work regularly on myself and on Theo. The work has had a stabilizing effect on me – I feel as if I have good, solid foundations and the inner strength to face any challenges that may occur in my life. Of course, the challenges continue to change and evolve too as I grow, but I have plenty of tools to work with. One of the most practical things I have learned is that I am not perfect and don’t always react as I would like to, but I keep on practicing and remain positive – one day it will change. My immune system is strong, my dramas are few and far between and I feel abundance in every area of my life.

My understanding of who I am and what I am here to do continues to evolve. Right now my role is that of a mother to Theo, to guide and nurture him, to give him the tools so that he may live a fulfilled and empowered life. My responsibility has deepened a hundred-fold – Theo makes sure that I continue to put my spiritual principles into action and practice what I preach!

I have taught the EMF Balancing Technique to over 150 people. What I love most is to watch people light up and I share their excitement at finally finding a way of taking control of their lives and making positive changes. This has given me great hope for our planet and for mankind – we can change ourselves and we can change the world around us. In these unusual times, this information has given me a much needed overview of recent world events.

I wrote this book about the impact of Phases One to Four of the technique on my life. Phases Five to Eight are now available to work with and they mark an even deeper level of empowerment for us. Knowing how far the first four phases propelled me forward personally, I am looking forward to experiencing this further step forward and am very excited to see what this next stage brings me.

What I have learned is that old ways are no longer valid in these new times we live in. A momentous shift is taking place right now not only in energy work and spirituality, but also socially, geologically and politically. We are all at a critical turning point in our personal and collective history. All of us are involved in this and right now, more than ever, we can take part and make a difference. The EMF Balancing Technique has shown me how. And so I take that opportunity to create a peaceful revolution in myself, for my fellow humans, for my planet.

Lina Esposito

Softcover | 124 pages | ISBN: 1-933465-01-8
Also available as downloadable PDF E-book

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