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EMF Introductory Sessions in the Park - Venezuela 2007

- Photo Slide Video

EMF teacher Maria Eugenia Carbone and EMF practitioners offering the EMF Introductory Session to the public in a park in Caracas, Venezuela.

Date: November 3, 2007
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Duration: 3:06 mins

Photo slide video created by: Maria Eugenia Carbone

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A group of the EMF family in Venezuela decided to get together and give service to the beautiful people of our country. We wanted to give back to Life what we have received and we wanted to express how much it meant in each our lives to have the beautiful tool of the EMF Balancing Technique.

We have never before done anything like this; we made an invitation to those who wanted to start to change first themselves instead of thinking of changing others, and we were able to do this from being guests on a popular TV program in Venezuela!

Even so, it was a surprise to us that so many people arrived at the park. We gave 84 Introductory Sessions in one event - it was impressive to see how very young children were in the queue to receive the session; youngsters, and older people, who after the session had no words - others expressed that they could breathe again, many had their physical pain disappear, and pains of the soul also. For all of us who were there, this was very gratifying to have started something that certainly we will keep doing for the people of our country.

Story by:
María Eugenia Carbone and a beautiful group of Venezuelan Balancing people