The Waves Energy Session

Date: Thursday June 16th, 2016
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm
Location: The Arlington Hotel Resort and Spa, 239 Central Ave., Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

An outrageously joyful and unique three-part Waves Energy Session! Laugh, move, tone, and recalibrate in Crystalline Celebration. A perfect complement to the Crystalline Choir experience. Peggy will offer a quantum assessment of the energies of the group after all the activities of the week and co-create a three-part Waves Energy Session like no other before … your walk upon the planet will never be the same after this session!

The Waves are a combination of energetic postures, movement, and sound. They are unique fusions of Light and Sound created from the quantum perceptions of Peggy Phoenix Dubro and the extraordinary toning of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. These pioneers in the science of sound and energy have collaborated to offer an exciting new form of transformational work with the new energies of these evolutionary times.

Part One: I choose to be Fully Present

A sequence of Waves to integrate and ground the earth connections you have experienced in the previous days, to be available in your daily life.

Part Two: I choose to Express my Greater Wisdom

Another unique sequence of Waves to translate your inspirations and insights of these days into usable knowledge in your daily life. Increased activation of the 144 points of light within your brain will bring clarity and focus.

Part Three: I choose to Radiate My Core Being

The last sequence of Waves will strengthen the radiating of your core energy as you fully integrate the messages of these events in your heart, your “aha”moments will create a resonance of greater freedom!

Make Waves! Personally, Locally, Globally, Universally

“Imagine adding ancient Lemurian motions to the profound pineal toning experience! This is a revelation for beginning what Kryon has indicated as “brand new energies coming that you have not seen before.” Master teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro presents The Waves, the Art of Conscious Transformation, a new alignment work from the pioneer of energy work for over 20 years.”
~ Lee Carroll

– Early Sign-Up Price until 1st May: $44.00
– Regular Price after 1st May: $77.00


In association with Kryon International Team Workshops: June 8th – June 16th, 2016

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