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The Waves – Uluru, Australia (2-part Workshop)

March 23-25, 2015

  • English

An Emerging New Art Form of Transformational Energy Work!

Joyfully presented by Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Learn all 24 Waves to create countless combinations of unique energy patterns and sessions … manual and videos included

Part One (full day) – Waves One to Twelve & Special channeling with Lee Carroll/Kryon and Peggy/Wisdom of the Feminine Divine
Prerequisites: None – open to all!

Part Two (half day) – Waves Thirteen to Eighteen
Prerequisites: None – open to all!

Part Two continued (half day) – Waves Nineteen to Twenty-four & Practical Application
Prerequisites: None – open to all!

Using The Waves is exciting, fun, and profound … make Waves, personally, locally, and globally!

Unique fusions of Light and Sound created from the quantum perceptions of Peggy Phoenix Dubro and the extraordinary Pineal Toning of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. These two pioneers have collaborated to offer an exciting new form of transformational work for you with the new energies of these times.

Use these Waves to create unique energy sessions:

  • for yourself and as a facilitator …
  • for your family
  • for your friends
  • for your clients
  • great to work with groups

Learn the first twelve Waves in Part One and the next twelve Waves in Part Two. An elegant and empowering form of communicating in the language of energy and sound.

The Waves are a combination of energetic postures, movements, and sound. The tones were developed specifically for the Waves by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. The movements and postures were developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, whose quantum sight and rich history in developing the energetic alignments for the EMF Balancing Technique and the Lattice have prepared her for the unique task of identifying the new energetic alignments for this exciting and innovative body of work. All the energetic alignments necessary to activate your ability to practice the Waves will be channeled by Peggy according to the unique configuration of participants in attendance and the location of the training.

Waves of the Infinite UniverseWaves of Presence
1. Welcome13. Presence of the I Am
2. Integration14. Presence: I Am the I Am
3. Universal Intelligence15. Presence: Original Resonance
4. I am Home!16. Presence: DNA
5. Infinite Love17. Presence: Co-creative Leadership
6. Infinite Compassion18. Presence: Sacred Opportunities
7. Infinite Presence19. Presence: Renewed Purposed
8. Infinite Wisdom20. Presence: WholeHEARTed Intelligence
9. Human of the Universe21. Presence in Communication
10. Universal Family22. Presence: Vision
11. The Phoenix23. Presence: Balanced Unity
12. The Evolutionary24. Presence: Transformation

About this Energetic Event …

  • Each wave has its own energetic pattern, begun with intent and initiated with movement and sound. The initiation continues with spontaneous movements and tones as you complete the alignment according to your inner wisdom
  • Experience the crystalline structure of your being, physically and multi-dimensionally
  • Open to higher dimensions and new frequencies of expression
  • Amplify the feeling of home, right here and right now
  • Explore the healing energies of universal family dynamics
  • Strengthen the expression of your heart intelligence
  • Activate more of your talents and abilities encoded within your DNA and Akash
  • Accelerate your creativity and ability to transform sacred challenges into sacred opportunities in these times of change
  • Learn the new energetic patterns of leadership
  • Understand your role as a bridge of grace
  • Joyful and easy to do as you “dance” your way into the evolution of consciousness and assist others in their “dance”

Practical Application … Riding the Waves!

  • Practice putting the Waves together in powerful combinations
  • for yourself and as a facilitator …
  • for your family
  • for your friends
  • for your clients
  • for groups

Yaw’ee (Dr. Todd) and Alani’ee (Peggy)
remember... Lemuria ... with Kryon/Lee

“Imagine adding conscious movements to the profound pineal toning experience! This is a revelation for 2013, beginning what Kryon has indicated as “brand new energies coming that you have not seen before.” Master teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro presents The Waves, the Art of Conscious Transformation – a new energy alignment event from the pioneer of energy work for over 20 years.” Lee Carroll

Discover and define your unique contribution to the transformational movement of humanity!


“Thank you for the wonderful Waves! They bring such Love, Harmony, Balance, Stillness …. a great feeling of Wholeness!”

“A great tool. I went back home and shared it with my meditation group right away and they loved it!”

“I am so glad I did these Waves, they are helping me integrate all I have studied. I am understanding so much more of why I am here! Thank you!!”

“I have much more confidence in myself! The tones and movements have awakened the Co Creative being I am.”


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