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The Universal Calibration Lattice ... and the Experiment Called Life!

Change and transformation, these are popular topics these days, often debated and often hoped for in many different social circles and in many different cultures. There is an old saying that many of us have heard “the more things change the more they stay the same”. Well, that was before we knew much about the meaning of the word “quantum”. Nowadays we banter about the differences between Newtonian physics and Quantum physics. We discuss how new perceptions of reality will indeed change and transform individual and global consciousness. We are in the process of accelerated evolution and we are witnessing the exponential growth of our abilities to affect our reality.

In that spirit, I introduce you to the possibility and the probability that human evolution can be seen in our energy anatomy. The physical anatomy is a wondrous composition of multiple systems, the skeletal, the endocrine, the muscular, etc. It is therefore easy to deduce that the energy anatomy is also a wondrous composition of multiple systems. Many of us already accept the reality of the chakra system and the meridians within the human energy anatomy. Various modes of measuring this human energy exist and of course the results of these measurements are accepted proof to some and questionable to others – all depends with whom you are talking! I am a practical mystic, and for me the most meaningful measurement is the demonstration of results (or evolution) in daily life.

In October of 2007, I was part of a Living the Field conference in London, England. The conference was hosted by Lynn McTaggart (The Intention Experiment). During the conference I had the chance to meet and speak with Sir Rupert Sheldrake, a scientist known around the world for his evolutionary thinking and his in depth study of the morphic field. I told him about the Lattice, a “theory” formed from a profound personal experience in which I became consciously aware that a system “new” to us was now present in the human energy anatomy. I told him of the EMF Balancing Technique, an energy modality that works directly with this “new” system. I told him that for the last twenty years I have presented this modality and the Lattice theory in detail to cultures all over the world and that the EMF work is now practiced and taught in over seventy countries, and continues to grow. I told him that teachers of the work, practitioners, and clients all find they are able to maintain their energy and create their life situations with greater clarity. They have reported a greater ability to manifest the changes they desire for themselves. Some report experiences of profound sacredness and strength, life changing insights, or spontaneous healing. I even mentioned to Rupert the positive results from the testing of the work that was conducted in Russia. While talking with him of experiments and the necessary task of recording data, I felt somewhat inadequate. I am just a practical mystic, not a scientist! And then Sir Rupert Sheldrake said to me “All the reports, all the results through all the years, that sounds like a very thorough experiment to me!” And then I realized the theory of the Lattice had been tested not just in Russia, but also had been tested over and over again for many years in the rest of the world.

Let’s go a little beyond the theory that the Universal Calibration Lattice is a system in your energy anatomy. Individually and collectively, we have been in the process of evolving into universal humans. The influence of all the great teachings of mindfulness throughout history is certainly reaching a critical mass. The globalization of our planet through technology is unprecedented. As universal humans, we are acutely aware of ourselves as citizens of the planet and at the same time acutely aware of the importance of our individual actions. The interwoven strands of energy of the Lattice are a basic foundation as you learn to reframe your reality in these times of great change.

Calibration means to gauge and strengthen. Working with the Lattice strengthens the human energy anatomy so that one may manifest as much of their holiness or holographic wholeness as possible. In ancient terms, we could say that calibration “strengthens the vessel”. In modern day terms we could say calibration creates the balance of wholeness. Even our concept of wholeness has changed as we begin to understand ourselves as multidimensional, holographic beings. How do we experience the greater reality of our being? How do we translate the insights and the new perceptions into usable knowledge in daily life? A concept I have come to fully embrace is that as we gain more and more knowledge and experience, we understand how much more there is to know, and how little we do know. Far from a burden, this realization frees us to continue endlessly on our path of growing!

Look at the illustration and you will see twelve long strands of energy surrounding the human figure. These strands are alive with energetic information about YOU! The fibers behind you maintain and regulate the energy of your history or story. At the moment in time of accepting greater responsibility for our selves, these records of your being were encoded within the Lattice. The information of each of our unique stories is recorded or imprinted in what looks like multitudes of disks of light. When there is enough energy surrounding a disk of light to activate the information or “program”, the disk then appears as a small sphere. The information or “program” in this sphere is one that you are empowering in your life.

When you are feeling the tendencies in your history that create smiles, you may say you are experiencing a positive existence. When you are feeling the tendencies or programs of your history that create tears or sadness, you may say you are experiencing a negative existence. When the energy of these experiences is calibrated, the energetic charges surrounding that history are rearranged, resulting in a new energy pattern of your being. You are reframing your reality! Dear co-creator what do you want to create?

The energy fibers on your right side maintain and regulate the energy of giving. How do you give to the world and contribute to your co creators? The energy fibers on your left side maintain and regulate the energy of receiving. Are the energetic spheres of receiving strong and active within these fibers? A balanced energy pattern of giving and receiving is a healthy demonstration of wholeness.

The energy fibers in the front maintain and regulate the energy of potential. Here you will find encoded in the disks of light your hopes, dreams, wishes, and intents. Learning how to activate and empower these disks of light is very helpful, especially when you are co-creating your most enlightened life in the way that has meaning to you. These disks and spheres of energy help to clearly transmit your intent to the universe.

Here is a little exercise to try. Take a deep breath, breathing is always good! Focus your attention within the fibers behind you. Acknowledge your history as a gleaming column of wisdom and support. Take another deep breath, and be present in the now. Focus on the center below for amplifying your presence. Focus on your center above to amplify your awareness of your greater wisdom. Maintain your power! You are now in an energetic posture, just as is the martial artist who has prepared their energy. But you are going to direct your energy to empower an intent. Breathe and clearly focus your energy within the fibers in front of you and give an intent of your choice. This area in the front of your Lattice is a very fertile energetic field to place your intents. Observe what you may feel, sense, imagine, or think about.

There are times it is desirable to be still and build your energy of inner peace. Yet there are also the times to practice your creatorship. The experiment of your life is yours and you are the one to determine what is appropriate for you and when. The reality of the Universal Calibration Lattice is an exciting and empowering aspect of our evolution. Dear family of humanity, we are universal humans and we are evolving, we are indeed becoming evolutionaries!

In the Energy of Love,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro