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The Symbol – Facilitator Training – Online Course!

Teacher: Peggy Phoenix Dubro

This is an on-going course. You may register at any time.

This course is open to all EMF Accredited Practitioners and Teachers. I will meet with you online in a series of 13 videos, where I will explain the power of The Symbol workshop, how it will generate interest in all of your EMF activities, and how you can present it to the public. You will receive a downloadable manual and a PowerPoint presentation, containing words and images developed and refined from many years of my live teaching. The course will provide you with unique, polished, and powerful information that has created interest in EMF everywhere I have presented it.

The Symbol Workshop Facilitators course is an opportunity for you to present all of this information as a One Day Symbol Workshop, and it will also provide you with material for EMF introductory talks that you may use in a variety of ways. Upon completion of the course, you will be listed on the website as a facilitator of the Symbol Workshop. Many visitors to the site will want to know more about the Symbol, and you will be ready and able to provide it for them.

I encourage each and every one of you, from EMF Practitioner to EMF Teacher of Teachers, to participate in this course. Creating it deepened my own understanding of the entire body of EMF work, and I believe it will also deepen your understanding of this work that we do together in the world.

Complete list of Video Lessons

Lesson 1Welcome and Overview (17:14)
Lesson 2We are ALL Energy Workers (8:10)
Lesson 3An Opportunity (19:19)
Lesson 4A Little Quantum Physics (8:37)
Lesson 5A Little Brain Science (6:54)
Lesson 6Presenting the Lattice (6:17)
Lesson 7SOFI Instructions (12:19)
Lesson 8Radiating Core Energy (7:43)
Lesson 9A Lot of Experience (6:47)
Lesson 10Testing and Real Life Results (11:20)
Lesson 11Lattice Logic Plus (7:19)
Lesson 12The Symbol Meditation (6:38)
Lesson 13A Little Extra (9:32)

Total Duration: 2:08hrs.

Price: $244USD

To register please e-mail:

How does it feel to take an online training with Peggy?

“Exciting how the energy is around us and gives the feeling of being together. The seminar is well prepared and well thought out – thank you.”

“I feel your love and compassion Peggy, I feel your presence and it fills my entire EMF office/room with your powerful love and centeredness.”

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Comments from EMF Practitioners and Teachers after participating in the online Symbol Facilitators Workshop:

“Exciting how the energy is around us and gives the feeling of being together. The seminar is well prepared and well thought out – thank you.”

“I feel your love and compassion Peggy, I feel your presence and it fills my entire EMF office/room with your powerful love and centeredness.”

“I give the 13 sessions, I offer LatticeLogic for children, I recently took the Yoga for the Lattice training and now, with The Symbol Workshop, I feel ready to enhance my practice into more of the psychological energetic path with my clients. I am already guiding them in that way, the workshop is very helpful.”

“I love how it organizes the scientific validations – so important in the mind set of today’s non-metaphysical viewer.”

“Thank you for this wonderful information, it has become a fundamental piece to focus and develop the objectives I want to achieve”

“All of the previous courses I have taken with Peggy have been live, so doing an online workshop presented a challenge to me. Now that I have finished it, and transcended all my apprehensions (information overwhelms me) I am gratefully satisfied and happy. All the way from the content and how it was structured to the “space without time”.”

“The Symbol workshop is a real process of self discovery, the work with the Symbol connects us with the essence of our being, revealing hidden skills and talents that we inherit from the morphic fields.”

“I am thrilled and very happy with this wonderful idea of the courses on line. With my notebook on my lap and Peggy in front of me, with the videos, what more can I ask for?”

“The Symbol Workshop represents the culmination of Peggy’s 22 years of work. The work with the symbol is framed on the guiding principles of the EMF Balancing Technique® and the results will always depend on the inner wisdom of those who practice them.”

“I loved the opportunity to see Peggy again. The design of the course, the use of the virtual platform have facilitated the interaction. The manual and the color presentation that I received are ideal and very useful”

Excerpts from testimonials of participants who have taken a Symbol Workshop with a Symbol Facilitator:

“...the beauty of the wisdom of this workshop allows us to appreciate our wholeness, it is amazing to get to know ourselves and develop our potential…”

“... knowing the Symbol you connect with your inner Self empowering your central power, to open the path for your evolution…”

“...Knowing the Lattice has given me a deeper experience of who we are and working with practical tools is fundamental to continue our evolutionary process growing in love…”

“...very valuable tool for personal growth…”

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