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UCL Teacher Training

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisite: Phases I-IV Accredited Practitioner

This is a 2-day certification course that licenses the graduate to teach the UCL Workshop.

The course provides the student with practical tools and materials to facilitate their teaching experience. There is detailed discussion of the Universal Calibration Lattice and the energetic relationship to the human anatomy and chakra system. Each student has a “hands on” teaching experience during the course.

The material reviewed includes the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL) and its relationship to electromagnetic field theory, providing a deeper understanding of the constructs and scientific support underlying the EMF Balancing Technique.

The course includes sections on teaching content, teaching skills and strategies, group work, presentation skills, business skills, communication skills and professionalism.

The course is a combined format providing both lecture and practice, and is taught throughout the year by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Teachers of Teachers Phases I-IV.

Teaching Method

Each class is designed as a multi-sensory learning environment; there is lecture, group exercise, group discussion, video demonstration, and practice of instructional method.

Materials You Will Receive in the Class

- Teacher workbooks, DVD/Video, CDs (PowerPoint), Flip Charts (in PDF & PPT format), relevant handouts.

CertificateCertificate given upon completion of training.


This teacher training has deepened my EMF understanding about the background and coherences and my personal energy potential is now definitely stronger. My spiritual backbone has strengthened and I feel more confidence. I feel myself more able to give information seminars about the EMF Balancing Technique® and I teach UCL Workshops with great joy. Many thanks to you dear Peggy, for giving us this possibility to heighten the profile of the EMF Balancing Technique® and to bring people an understanding for this wonderful work.
– Gabriele Goller, Innsbruck, Austria

I have now a deeper understanding about the functionality of the UCL and about the work itself. My feeling of wholeness, security and self-love is now much more intense and my enthusiasm for EMF became still more. Since the seminar I feel lightness within me and also more self-confidence to represent the EMF to the outside, to facilitate and teach other people. I am very excited! With thankfulness for this new seminar project I would like to recommend this well-grounded and magical training to all my EMF practitioner colleagues.
– Angelika Henke, Warburg, Germany

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