Free Webinar: The Alchemy of YOU! Knowing Now...
Saturday 5th November 2016

In honor of you and the unique energy you bring to the world: a very special online group Phoenix Inspiration and Insight energy session offered by Peggy Phoenix Dubro:

It is written that Alchemy was a practice that was kept hidden, learned only by a chosen few who pursued the creation of an alchemical substance that brought about rejuvenation, regeneration, even immortality. The legendary story also included the ability to transform lead into gold.This substance was known as the Philosopher´s Stone.

For years I have said "I believe that the chemicals of enlightenment are within you, within us!" Our own Philosopher´s Stone is becoming more active in these times of change. Notice any extra pressure in your life? We have an undeniable invitation to transform in this modern day alchemical moment. Let´s do this, together!

Golden Heart to Golden Heart,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro

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