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MP3 Downloads & CDs

  • The Symbol – CD
    Empowering Your Statement of Focused Intent Meditation. Narration by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. Peggy joyfully presents this new meditation filled with the energy of love.
  • The Way of The Evolutionary – CD
    Phase XIII of the EMF Balancing Technique®. Narration by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. We are living in a time of great change, personally and collectively. This time of transformation presents us with a golden opportunity to evolve beyond our current limits.
  • Meditations Honoring Humanity – CD
    Inspired by Phase I & Phase II of the EMF Balancing Technique®. Narration by Peggy Phoenix Dubro with music by Robert Haig Coxon. With this CD you can experience the essence of the first two phases of the technique at any place and time.
  • I Remember I AM – CD Set
    Honoring the Journey of You Becoming You. Narration by Peggy Phoenix Dubro with music by Scott Childs. Two CDs designed to increase understanding of your sacredness as a unique individual, and our connection with one another.
  • Infinity Express – Music CD
    A selection of beautiful lyrics and soulful musical compositions, created by Scott Childs and inspired by the EMF Balancing Technique.
  • “The Gift of the Golden Dolphin” – Audio Book
    The Spiral Sweep Energy Exercise for children of all ages, narrated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro.


  • The Spiral Sweep
    Narrated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro with optional voice-over in Spanish. Music by Robert Haig Coxon. Strengthen your inner balance with a unique energy exercise called The Spiral Sweep.
  • The Lattice!™
    Developed & narrated by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, this DVD contains valuable information and experience for everyone in the process of personal growth and evolution.
  • UCL Tai Ji
    Developed & narrated by Andieas Hofmann, and inspired by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. This DVD features UCL Tai Ji, which brings a new dimension into the practice of Tai Ji.