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Community of Consciousness - Video

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Speaker (English): Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Date: March 2, 2007
Location: Filmed live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Duration: 89 mins
Consecutive Translation (Spanish): Adriana Colotti
Opening words (Spanish): Gabriel Demaio & Adriana Nievas
Produced by: Eduardo Borrello for The Energy Extension, Inc. © All rights reserved.

"As a Community, Who are We?"

We are all part of a larger community. There are many different names for this community, including the New Age, the Mind Body Spirit Movement, the New Spirituality, New Energy, etc.

Welcome to this open meeting and dialog for consciously evolving humans. This meeting was presented in diverse cultures all around the world as we strive to answer the question "Who are We?" Your participation was appreciated and the opinions are important.

To facilitate the answers to this question, Peggy presents brief overviews of the Universal Calibration Lattice and the Universal Relationship Lattice. We will also learn and practice a simple and unique Energetic Posture of Communication as we work together to create the definition of who we are.

These presentations began in June 2006 in Mt. Shasta California. They were also held in Sedona, Arizona; Frankfurt, Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, and Madrid, Spain. In 2007, meetings were held in Sao Paolo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tokyo, Japan; Moscow, Russia; and again in Mt. Shasta.