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Reflections Teacher Training

Channeling the energy of grace and wholeness

Teacher: Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Duration: 2 days or One Day Intensive
Prerequisites: Completion of Reflections Facilitator Training

Intention and Insight

Add to the voice you already have in the world or begin to speak publically as you teach Reflections.

In this one day intensive you will learn how to teach the Reflections to others. The day is filled with personal attention and through the field of coherence, energy alignments from Peggy as you say “yes” to more of who you are! This is a valuable tool to bring to those who are already on the conscious path or who are just beginning.

Teaching materials provided include step by step manual and power point presentation with video.

I chose to open a Teachers Training for this work to assist those who know they want to speak more publically. I offer my 18 years of International teaching and speaking all over the world as a support to help you continue to evolve your ability to speak clearly and be heard!

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a distinguished international speaker and teacher whose diverse talents have gained her a worldwide presence in the arena of “new thinking”. She has 30 years of experience working with the human energy anatomy and is a leader in the field of energy balancing. Co-founder with her husband in 1995 of The Energy Extension, Inc., Peggy and Steve have teamed up to create cutting edge technology in the field of energy balancing that is both fun and deeply transformational. Their work is practiced and taught in more than 70 countries around the world.

“We were very happy with the presence of Peggy at the Symposium. Her work touched people’s hearts, and ishe again will be part of the Symposium.”
Wallace Liimaa – Noetic Sciences award winner, founder and organizer of the I, II and III International Symposium on Quantum Health and Quality of Life in Brazil.

“Peggy sees humanity differently than most … she looks at you without judgment, and she looks at other teachers and other energy modalities without judgment. For she understands the integrity and the intent of the heart. And so it is that there has been no accident that this profound teacher is here today on the planet.”
Lee Carroll – Author of the Kryon material

“For over twenty years, the teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro has been receiving information on a profound technique called EMF Balancing. Now the teacher actually becomes the process, and her DNA shifts accordingly. She is the only Human on the planet to absorb the full impact of what EMF teaches … at 100%. What this means is that she can now reflect on the compassion of Humanity in a unique way, and create channeling that embodies the full energy of what a true master would have. Her DNA portal opens … to this new expansion, Reflections … and more!”
KRYON ~ 2012 channeled by Lee Carroll

Peggy’s innovative work with the field of all life leads us to the place in ourselves where love, healing, and peace begin. Her techniques are practical, effective, and they work!
Gregg Braden – Author of The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix

“When I finished my Reflection Session with Peggy, I felt happy, balanced, and filled with insights into my own ability to create my life with greater choice”

“Peggy’s ability to clarify intention is laser like and filled with love”

“She amplifies your ability to be aware of your energy, and how to use it with clarity and focus”

“The Reflections are amazing!”

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