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Incremental Phases I-IV Program

Phases I–II Training (3 days)

Phase I – Wisdom and Emotions

Balances the head and the heart, resulting in stress reduction and providing an energy pattern of freedom and well being. Feel the energetic balance, and nurture the connection between the head and the heart. Involves verbal permission from the recipient to participate in and allow for the balancing process.

Phase II – Self Direction and Self Support

This session gracefully releases the energy blockage of old emotional issues and promotes awareness of your Prism of Personal Empowerment. This session encourages you to see your history as being supportive in your growth, no longer an anchor that holds you back.

Gracefully releases emotional issues. The resulting new perspective promotes awareness of direction and support from within the Self, making more energy available to you now.

Phases III–IV Training (2 days)

Phase III – Radiate Core Energy

Radiating of the core energy allows your inner wisdom to manifest more frequently in your daily life. Being aware of your core energy encourages you to stand in your truth.

Allows the knowing from within to become more frequent. Aligns energy centers, allowing greater expression through the heart center. Hold your core of power in daily life.

Phase IV – Energetic Accomplishment

In this “final” balancing, a connection and communication with your future self is established through the Prism of Personal Potential, allowing future potential energy into the manifestation of present reality. Balance through the Prism of Personal Potential, a dynamic, creative connection and communication with future self.

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