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UCL® Tai Ji Workshops

Evening Workshop: UCL® Tai Ji

Guest Lecturer: Andieas D. Hofmann – Tai Ji Master

Duration: 3 hours
Prerequisites: None – open to all

For anyone, UCL Tai Ji is an easy, effective and profound method to balance, harmonize and calibrate energy and to feel yourself fully present in your body. This is done by playing with, understanding and strengthening the Lattice with graceful and flowing Tai Ji movements. These graceful movements work creatively with your Lattice and strengthen your connection to the Universal Energy or Cosmic Lattice. When your physical body and your gestures are in alignment with these energies, your intentions and your actions are much more powerful.

This method merges the ancient art of Tai Ji with the understanding of the important system in our energy anatomy called the Universal Calibration Lattice. UCL Tai Ji was conceived in conjunction with Peggy Phoenix Dubro.

Schedule for the evening includes:
  • Selected exercises from UCL Tai Ji
  • A special performance by Andieas

Andieas Danata‘s passion is to bring the ancient moving-art and Taoist philosophy of Tai Ji into the evolving New Energy and Consciousness of our time. Born in Germany in 1954, he has taught Heart & Spirit-Tai Ji and Qi Gong for 27 years. He started Tai Ji with the authentic Yang-Style and then moved to Living Tao-Tai Ji. He has also done many Tai Ji-dance-performances, including a role in the show “Dream-journey for the Soul”. He also gives private sessions and EMF Balancing Technique® sessions. Andieas has studied sociology and psychology, writing two diploma theses about Tai Ji. He has three grown children, and currently lives in Switzerland.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®. Along with her husband Stephen, she is co-founder of the Energy Extension, Inc., an international organization with representatives in more than 70 countries. Since her discovery of the Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL) in 1988, Peggy has methodically developed a unique understanding of this system in the human energy anatomy, making her the worlds foremost authority regarding the Lattice.

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